Five Things I Learned from International Makeup Artist Toni Malt

The other week, I had this amazing stroke of luck and nabbed myself a spot on a five day intensive beauty makeup course at the Toni Malt Academy. If you didn’t already know, I’m already a makeup artist by trade, but haven’t been working in the industry since I had my surgery. But I was ready to get back into the swing of things, so this course couldn’t have come at a better time.

Toni Malt is one of the region’s leading artists and someone whose work I have admired for years. The Toni Malt Academy in Dubai opened up it’s doors over the summer and it’s such a beautiful space! Lots of natural light, minimalist decor, makeup products galore! I nearly moved in haha.

The course is over five full days, with a theory session and demonstration in the morning, and practical work in the afternoon. There were six students, which was the perfect size because it allowed us each to get personal attention and help with our work. The course was led by Toni and one of her makeup mentors, Kasia Domanska. Both were basically treasure troves of knowledge.

What I really liked about the academy is that everyone there is really passionate about the industry and genuinely wants you to do your best and build an amazing career. There was a professional shoot on the fifth day of the course, and before we started, Toni took the time to pull me aside and give me some tips on my application. She had gone over footage from the day before and happened to spot my not-so-great technique and actually took the time to help me correct it before the shoot started. It was little personal touches like that that set this course apart from the ones I’ve taken in the past. The entire vibe was also just really positive, supportive, and really fun! And obviously, I learned some stuff, lol. Here are five amazing tips that I learned on my course and wanted to share with you guys!

1. Skin prep is the key to nailing an amazing makeup look.
Toni loves gorgeous skin, it’s kind of her calling card. Unlike a lot of other artist I’ve seen, she really focuses on skin prep, spending about fifteen minutes on it and uses gorgeous products to make sure skin looks its best before any makeup is actually applied. Toni told us that ‘the more effort you put into the skin prep, the less foundation you need’, and it’s so true!

2. A makeup artist is only as good as their products and product knowledge. 
Because she’s been such a major industry player for so long, Toni has tried pretty much every product on the planet. One of the things she told us was that sometimes it isn’t a bad makeup artist, just a bad product. I experienced this myself during the course when a concealer and foundation just didn’t want to play together. One of the great things about taking a course from an artist and not a brand is that you aren’t restricted to using just one brand and you get to see how products from different brands work (or don’t work) together.

3. Stipple, don’t sweep!
This one took me a while to get used to. I’ve always been taught to gently sweep, or even swirl, my face products onto the skin. Toni’s technique uses a super light touch (with barely any product) to gently stipple the foundation onto the skin. Stippling instead of swiping it on ensures that you don’t ruin any of the skin prep or remove any of the products, and it’s also what gives you that gorgeous, airbrushed finish. I’ve been using this technique on myself since the course and absolutely LOVING the results!

4. Apply eyeliner BEFORE eyeshadow.
If you’re going to wear a dramatic eyeliner look, like a gorgeous cat eye, apply your liner before the eyeshadow. That way, if you make any mistakes, you can easily wipe it off without having to worry about the eyeshadow you just spent twenty minutes on. Then you can just reapply a layer of liner on top of the shadow and no one will ever know 🙂

5. Go big or go home!
One of my favorite things about this course is that we were encouraged to really step out of our comfort zones and create these big bold looks. Toni is all about deliberate makeup and being confident in your choices. If you’re going for a red lip, make it one hell of a red lip, if it’s a big, black eyeliner look, go for the darkest black you can find and really work it. It was such a great piece of advice and one that I think we should all apply to our lives anyway!

The academy has a couple of awesome courses running next month, and I definitely recommend checking them out!


*images provided by Toni Malt Academy


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